What Is GeekDevelopment

The vernacular knows various words that describe what the members of GeekDevelopment are. IT professionals, software engineers, software developers, programmers. We would describe us as a bunch of people that fell in love with the possibilities that IT provides to all of us and the skillset that transforms these possibilities into cool realizations.

Tell Us Your Idea

Did you ever had this idea people laughed about? Did you ever woke up in the middle of the night like, "Holy shit, this app would make the world such a better place"? Or you just sat on the toilet thinking, "Meh, that gadget would be kind of funny"? You see people grapple with problems and can't understand why nobody else can see this smart IT solution that is in your mind?

Then feel free to share your idea with us. But why would you do that?

Maybe you're a designer. Maybe you're a developer. Maybe you have valuable connections. Or maybe you're just dedicated to realize your idea. But unfortunately your lack of IT skills or manpower make it impossible for you to turn your idea into an awesome piece of software. Then we will offer our skills and manpower to help you getting things done.

Give us a short description of your idea. Tell us what you can contribute to realize your idea and we will have a conversation.

Our intention with this little project is to connect with young, dedicated and creative people, knowing that the world is theirs for the taking. People with good ideas and valuable skills in any kind that help to realize them.

Every little idea you had is worth talking about. A cool, a smart, a funny or even a stupid idea.

Submit Your Idea Now

Thanks for your idea! We will talk soon.

Maybe you're also a skilled person from the tech field or a creative head that wants to participate in the realization of an exciting idea. Then leave us a message at contact@geekdevelopment.de.


Philipp Faßheber
Sophienstraße 51
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E-Mail: contact@geekdevelopment.de